Frequently Asked Questions

Things to know about wood counter and table tops!

Nothing else brings warmth and ambience to a design quite as well as a beautiful solid wood counter or tab tops. Hear are some answers to frequently asked questions.

Can wood tops be used anywhere?

Yes, and many people do use them throughout the kitchen and home, Others reserve wood for islands or focal accents. All of our wood tops can be used in sink or cooktop areas without fear, but some of our customers use a mix of tradition and wood top surfaces for functionality, 

Will my wood top crack or warp?

There is always a small chance, for this reason we only fabricate our tops from seasoned hardwoods with a moisture content of no more then 4 to 7%. On large tops we also imbed steel "U" channels and put relief cuts such as what is found on hardwood flooring to the underside. This helps prevent any movement or cracking.

What maintenance is required?

Maintenance is an easy wipe-on, wipe-off procedure of applying oil or wax to the wood top a minimum of twice a year. You will find that this is a fraction of the maintenance required for other food-prep-safe finishes. 

I know I can cut on my countertop, but won’t that leave knife marks?

Yes, and other scratches too; but with oil or wax finished tops you can make those scratches disappear with a light sanding of 400 grit sandpaper and a few coats of oil or wax. Homeowners can do these simple spot repairs as needed because the oil finish always blends in with itself. Repairs are usually virtually invisible once dry. Tops with harder clear coat finishes require a little more effort because knife marks and cuts tend to be through the coating. You can follow the same procedure as oil and wax coats by lightly sanding the scratches then applying a new coat of sealer with a rag or fine brush. If the scratches are too severe on any type of finish, there’s simply no repair except to completely sand down and apply new finish. 

Will my wood top get “water rings” from cups and glassware?

No. Water rings occur when moisture condensates between wood and applied coatings.

How do I protect my solid wood top from hot pots?

Hot items such as pots, coffee makers, slow cookers and teapots, won’t “melt” the worktop, but the heat can dry out the oils in the wood finish, causing the top to crack. The need for protection is relative. A hot cup of coffee shouldn’t harm anything. Hot pots and teapots can be insulated with a pot holder or trivet. Take care that super-heated metal objects do not contact the top directly.

Can my solid wood tops get wet? 

Yes! All the finishes we use will effectively repel moisture and are entirely suitable for installation in sink areas. Although, allowing water to stand on the worktop surface for long periods of time is not recommended.

Will heavily-pigmented food and liquid such as mustard or red wine stain my solid wood top?

Very unlikely under normal conditions. All of our finishes block out stains and dirt. Food and drink can be wiped clean with mild soap or damp cloth.