Our Commitment to Quality!

Important Facts about our Countertop and Table Construction.

Things From Wood takes extra steps during the construction of our countertops and tables that most others overlook.... Our goal is to ensure the highest quality in our countertops and tables and deliver a product that will last for decades to come.

  • We start with using only the finest quality of reclaimed woods that have been air dried in a closed environment for a minimum of 3 years and have a moisture content of 7% or less. Mother nature does a much better job than force drying wood in a kiln. This process produces a more stable and reliable dried wood. 

  • Wood will expand and shrink in hot and cold environments. To help prevent any problems this may cause we embed metal "U" channels and stabilizing biscuits to the underside of all our wood tops over 5'. In addition we put stress relief cuts, similar to hardwood flooring.

  • Finish is just as important to our quality standards. Surprisingly, other manufacturers tend to ignore the underside of the wood top during the finishing process, leaving the untreated side exposed to the environment. Whether it's a hard or oil finish, we always apply coatings to both sides of all of our wood tops, encasing them and ensuring they will last for generations.